Mehr Padideh Emratat Trading Company is active in the field of export and import of various necessities. One of the main internal activities of Mehr is the phenomenon of providing health supplies, companies, organs, public places, etc. The supplies supplied by Mehr Padideh are all of excellent quality, and because Mehr Padideh Amratat Company is a distribution agency for reputable companies such as silk paper napkins, the final price of the products is very economical. If you want to provide all kinds of necessities for your company or organization, you can contact the collection phones.


Up to 70% reduction in consumables

With the products offered in each section, you will have a significant reduction in the use of consumables


A step towards a greener world

With the aim of reducing the consumption of harmful substances for malnutrition and products with less pollution


Standard and quality products

 First  class  products  with  standard mark for preparation with ease …

Our products

Our products are provided to various groups such as agencies, offices, companies, airports, commercial centers, fast foods and restaurants, etc., in order to reduce health consumables and provide the health needs of people. Our products mainly include, towel napkins, Delsi napkins, paper towel tank, detergents, dishwashing liquid, foam liquid, disposable gloves, garbage bags, boxed paper napkins, etc.

Products for comfort and reduce consumption

The products of Mehr Padideh Emratat Company are produced and supplied with the aim of reducing consumption and increasing the quality. To see the variety of products, you can use the button below.

Our goals

Eliminating intermediaries and sending factory products for consumption by companies and organizations is one of our main goals. This leads to a significant reduction in prices and faster supply of products. Our distribution and marketing network will bring the products to you dear ones with the possibility of a face-to-face visit, so that you can access the best products in the shortest time.

Broadband network

Emratat is proud to deliver products to you in the shortest time with its fast and agile distribution system. Our database is full of customers to whom new products can be introduced.


Address: No. 349, Fourth Floor, Unit 1, Mirdamad St., Valiasr St., Tehran

Phone Call

phone:  20 – 02188677917
fax: 02188677921

Hours of work

Saturday to Wednesday 9 to 17